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The hot summer is almost over....

Well, we'll see how long this lasts! When I get really busy,this will be the first thing that goes, but here we go....

One of the hottest summers in history since the early 1900's is finally closing. I have finally seen a little rain and felt one or two cool breezes. I want to applaud my brides who managed to look fantastic despite 100 degree temperature. For all of you who took photos hours early (and I worried about the freshness of the flowers), would you do it all over again? I have some brides who would and others who wouldn't.

I know many of you who did do the hours of artistic expressions had to reapply makeup, redo hairstyles, dab kleenex and towels at various parts of your body, cleaned dirt off your dresses (the shot at Loose Park in the grass near the goose poop that the photographer just had to get), hydrated and cooled off before taking that walk down the aisle.

We photograph our entire lives now, and of course, your wedding day is no exception. On Good Morning America the other day they were showing another new trend...photographing the night of your wedding or the morning after. I have nothing to say, except, are you kidding me? I think we've been reading too many celebrity magazines. Some things need to be left to the imagination.

I'm just asking you to think about the photos you really want and the ones you really are going to purchase, and actually look at once in awhile. Does the World War 1 Memorial really say something about your relationship...does standing under a bridge in the West Bottoms(have you been there before?) really express how you are feeling? Think about the loved ones you want in those photos and how you want to capture the day for your memory.

Don't ever let anyone tell you what you want is stupid or old-fashioned. Some things just don't go out of and your groom kissing, your friends and family surrounding you, the ring bearer stealing a kiss from the flower girl, your mom fixing your veil.....

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